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II CBMA Arbitration Conference

From: Hermes Marcelo Huck

On August 10th and 11th, partner Hermes Marcelo Huck will take part in the panel “The Arbitral Proceeding – The Good, the Bad and the Useful”, at the II CBMA Arbitration Conference organized by the Brazilian Center of Mediation and Arbitration. The event will be held in the Museum of Tomorrow, in Rio de Janeiro.


Debates de Arbitragem e Processo – Ano II

From: Fábio Peixinho Gomes Corrêa

On May 24th, the partner Fabio Peixinho Gomes Corrêa will attend a discussion panel in the event “Arbitration and Process” organized by the Brazilian Arbitration Committee and by the Arbitration and Mediation Chamber of CIESP/FIESP.


IV Brazilian-Portuguese Journey of Arbitration

From: Hermes Marcelo Huck

On May 26th, partner Hermes Marcelo Huck will lecture about Arbitrable Disputes in the IV Brazilian-Portuguese Journey of Arbitration – The Corporate Dispute Arbitration in Brazil and Portugal. The event will be held in the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in Lisbon.


Global Pound Conference - Paris

From: Fábio Peixinho Gomes Corrêa, Laura Ghitti

On April 26th, the partners Fabio Peixinho Gomes Correa and Laura Ghitti will attend the Global Pound Conference in Paris. The partner Fabio Peixinho will speak at the plenary session related to the resolution of commercial disputes.


Arbitration and Complex Economic Issues

From: Hermes Marcelo Huck, Juliana Krueger Pela

On April 4th, the event “Arbitration and Complex Economic Issues” will be held in the School of Law of the University of São Paulo. Partner Hermes Marcelo Huck will speak about Arbitration in the Infrastructure Sector, while partner Juliana Krueger Pela will speak about Autonomy and Contractual Good Faith in Arbitration.

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